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Privacy Policy


The purpose of the privacy policy is to describe the methods of collecting, storing and using data from visitors to the website. The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform users of what personal data collected on the website will be used for.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. The information provided will remain private, confidential and will only be used to provide the service requested by the user. Therefore, Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence is committed to respecting the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

User Consent:

The user, from the moment he/she benefits from Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence's products and services consents to the use of his/her personal data by Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence. The user's consent is given for each different processing and data used. The data subject may withdraw his/her consent at any time. The user agrees, in the context of the transmission to Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence of his/her personal data, via the Newsletter or the form, that Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence uses in order to best meet the user's requirements.

Collection of personal data:

On the website, only the IP address is collected. This IP address is encrypted by Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence. It does not allow the identification of the owner of the address. The personal data of the visitors collected on the website can be more nombeux when it is about :

- the newsletter: The personal data collected are the name, the first name and the email address of the person concerned.
- the form: The personal data collected are the name, the first name, the email address and the phone number of the person concerned. These personal data are collected for a precise purpose and need, described in the article on the purpose of data processing, below.

Purpose of data processing:

The purpose must be specified, legitimate and explicit. This purpose is in line with the objective and is compatible with the missions of the organization. Personal data is used in the following cases:
- Within the framework of a simple visit, the collection of the IP address makes it possible to study the statistics of visit on the Internet site.
- Within the framework of the newsletter, the personal data collected are those allowing us to send a personalized email (with the name and the first name of the person concerned).
- Within the framework of the form, the personal data collected are those allowing us to answer the best, fastest and most efficiently to our customers' requests.

Personal data will be used only for the purposes stated above. Therefore, the data will be kept for a period of time determined to meet the purpose. Data will not be retained beyond the time period set out below:

- In the case of the collection of data for website statistics, personal data will be kept for a period of three years to allow Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence to perform proper statistics.
- In the case of the newsletter, Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence keeps the personal data of the data subject as long as the data subject does not unsubscribe from the newsletter.
- In the case of the form, the personal data are kept for the time necessary to respond to the prospect's request, the latter having access to the newsletter, his data are kept until he requests unsubscription.

The right of data subjects:

The person concerned by the data processing has several rights from the GDPR (art.9). To begin with, the website user can appeal to his right to information. This information will be accessible following a collection or any processing.

The person concerned by the personal data can object to the processing of his or her data by the data controller, in particular he or she can object to the re-use of the data for new processing purposes. The data in question may be in the form of commercial solicitations, when placing an order or signing a contract. In addition, any person may object to the processing for legitimate reasons, unless this is required by law.

The objection cannot be made if the personal data in question are essential for the proper processing of the order or contract. The right of access is characterized by allowing the data subject to access all information concerning him or her, including the origin of the information concerning him or her, to access the information on which the data controller has based a decision and to obtain a copy thereof.

The user may demand that his/her data be rectified, completed, amended or deleted. All other rights set out in the GDPR will be respected by the data controller. However, these rights must not be abused, in which case the data controller may decide to refuse the request for access. The refusal of access to data must be motivated and inform the data subject of the ways and deadlines for appeal.

Transfer of personal data:

Users' personal data is stored and transferred outside the European Union, in particular to Switzerland, a country recognized as having an adequate level of protection by the European Union. Some data is also stored in the European Union such as France. Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence, in the framework of its RGPD policy, commits itself not to work and to send personal data only to countries, outside the European Union, having an adequate level of protection and/or companies having adhered to the Privacy Shield in case they are in the United States. The transfer of personal data is done only for the purpose for which it is needed. If personal data is transferred, it is done so only for purposes that are relevant to the purposes for which it was collected. If personal data is transferred outside the cases developed above, it is impossible for Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence to guarantee absolute inviolability of personal data in this context.

Sharing of personal data:

Users' personal data is shared only in very specific cases such as to fulfill contractual needs with suppliers of goods or services. Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence only engages with RGPD compliant suppliers at best or LPD compliant suppliers at least in order to provide the best possible service to those customers.

Security of personal data:

Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence respects the security rules in force. Thus, it has put in place technical and organizational measures to meet these requirements. The personal data are thus protected by these measures against loss, falsification, or access by unauthorized third parties. The conversation of the data is done in compliance with the required security rules, including their deletion. Thus, the data stored appropriately and will be deleted after a reasonable period in view of the purpose of processing. Updates and backups of the data are done on a regular basis in order to keep only what is useful to Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence. This also allows to update the stored data and therefore to delete them when they have exceeded the duration of the treatment.

The cookies:

The cookie is a tracer allowing to deposit or read during the internet consultation, the reading of an e-mail, the installation or the use of a software or a mobile application. These cookies analyze the browsing of users, their movements and their consultation habits of the Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence website. The user can accept or refuse the use of the cookie. In case of refusal, he will be redirected to http://cookieinfo.org, which will inform him about cookies and the RGPD. Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence mainly uses statistical analysis cookies on its website.

Google Analytics and Pixel:

The Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence website uses Google Analytics and Pixel to evaluate the use that visitors make of the website. It allows us to analyze the audiences realized, in order to facilitate the decisions regarding the different policies that will be adopted by the managers of Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence.

Social networks:

On the Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence website, there are links to the different social networks of Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These links do not transmit any personal data of the persons clicking on them. They only write the user.

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