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Icone extraction numérique

Digital extraction


Get your  hands on useful traces

We collect all data - including deleted data - on devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, photocopiers, drones, etc. that is useful in the context of investigations or legal inquiries. Our expert is a Certified Forensic Analyst for the admissibility of files with the appropriate authorities.
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Find the evidence you need

Internal data theft, treason, non-compliance with confidentiality clauses, legal affairs… Computer equipment can sometimes be used for harmful purposes, and inevitably leaves traces in its systems. Identifiable traces even after having deleted them, which can be very useful if you doubt the reliability of an employee or during a dispute with a former employee.

We analyze the content of the devices concerned to allow you to move forward with your procedures or after the departure of a former employee who has left their professional devices, and we extract all the data.
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Types of data collected from devices

Photos received or taken
WhatsApp messages, SMS
Contact numbers
Judicial admissibility

For an employee or former employee and company-owned business devices, digital extraction is legal and permitted.

For private legal matters, supervised by a lawyer, prior judicial authorization is required. The file provided with the extracted elements will be admissible before a judicial authority.
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