Agence de cybersécurité

Investigation and Protection Agency
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Your cyber intelligence agency in Switzerland and worldwide

" Who holds the information, holds the power "

Daniel Donnet-Monay, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Swiss Army and CEO of Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence SA

VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence SA is a Swiss cyber intelligence and cyber protection agency based in Lausanne and Martigny. Its mission is to collect intelligence from all layers of the Internet (including the Dark Web) and to protect and assist companies and their managers in minimizing the risks associated with their activities.

Daniel Donnet-Monay, Lieutenant-Colonel au sein de l’armée suisse et PDG de Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence SA

" By creating Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence, I wanted to give private individuals and companies that are destined to develop some of the most advanced means of digital investigation in the world. This is so that they are informed about their environment, that they protect themselves and that they can positively influence their market. "

Daniel Donnet-Monay (Book's extract " Who holds the information, holds the power "