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" Who holds the information, holds the power "

Daniel Donnet-Monay, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Swiss Army and CEO of Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence SA

Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence is a cyber intelligence and cyber protection agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its experts and analysts collect data from different sources on the web in order to inform, protect and support the influence of its clients, be they private, corporate or government.

Our services

Agence de cybersécurité


Positively impact your environment

Our experts create and adapt solutions to solve your problems and fake news, whether they are related to your e-reputation or the notoriety of your company: natural referencing, reverse referencing of negative articles, content creation and optimization.

cyber intelligence

Collect strategic data

Our experts and analysts are able to monitor, in real time, mass data from various internet sources: applications, social networks and the different layers of the web, including the deep and dark web. This approach allows us to quickly and automatically feed back vital information and investigative results to decision-makers.

cybersecurity agency


Prevent risks and secure your systems

Our IT security experts have the technical capabilities to play the role of the hacker and try to find the flaws in your information systems, thus avoiding data leaks and the exploitation of vulnerabilities.


" By creating Vici Swiss Competitive Intelligence, I wanted to give to private individuals and companies, which will develop, some of the most advanced means of digital investigation in the world. This so that they can inform themselves about their environment, protect themselves and positively influence their market. "

Daniel Donnet-Monay (extract from the book "Who holds the information, holds the power" ("Qui détient l'information, détient le pouvoir ")