VICI Agency is a Switzerland-based intelligence agency which focuses on collecting data from the many layers composing the internet ; we do this to inform, to protect and to our clients’ influence and reputation, whether they are private individuals, companies or any other organization.

We offer our services and expertise to help combat fake news, hateful propaganda or harmful disinformation campaigns on social media and the internet.

Cybercrime is a real threat that must be taken seriously in our modern day and age, as it causes disastrous consequences and can end up tragically for those involved

Cybercriminals’ and attackers’ motivations, as well as their modes of operating and methods for sharing stolen information, can be discovered and understood through cyber-threat monitoring. The goal of this monitoring is to better protect critical and sensitive information related to organizations as well as individuals

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VICI Agency helps its clients deal with and solve a large number of cyber-related problems.

In the perpetually changing state of our modern times, being extensively aware of one’s surroundings has become a vital need ; it is ultimately a time-consuming situation which requires financial resources, adequate material and full-scale expertise.

This is why we serve private individuals as well as clients involved in the business/finance/industrial sectors, as we recommend our monitoring/surveillance solutions in order to secure their activity and to contribute to their innovation efforts.

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VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence

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