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Operational intelligence


“He who holds the information, holds the power.”

Our analysts search the entire Internet, mainly the dark web and the deep web, to collect useful data about your market (competitors, prices, etc.) that will allow you to be very responsive and to take the right decisions for your business. We also operate inside your structure, counter-attacking any entity that has infiltrated due to a hack or human error (counter-intelligence).
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Operational intelligence (outside your organization)

To retrieve the data that will be useful to your business, our analysts search the entire Internet: mainly the dark web and the deep web. This is where hackers communicate and malicious acts are prepared, where the most sensitive strategic and operational information about your markets and your competitors is exchanged, and where the sale and exchange of products related to your intellectual property is negotiated.
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Operational counter-intelligence (within your organization)

Counter-intelligence consists of opposing the action of an entity that has infiltrated your information system, due to willful malice within your organization or human error such as employee phishing.

We first conduct an audit of your computer security to identify the vulnerabilities that allow the leakage of your data: human error, corruption of an employee or hack of a connected machine (computers and smartphones of course but also printers, cameras, etc.). We then move on to the counter-intelligence phase, in particular by broadcasting false information to your attacker to create deception, so that you can no longer be harmed and that you never lose the initiative.
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