Rayons de radar
Icone COCC

Cyberattack protection radar


The best defense against cyberattacks is anticipation

Our Operational Cyberattack Control Center (OCCC) constantly monitors mentions of you or your business, from the deepest layers of the dark web to the surface web and in all languages.

OCCC specialists then analyze these mentions, their frequency, their relevance and determine the threat they represent. If the danger is confirmed, we trigger an emergency procedure by immediately informing you of the measures to be implemented and the flaws to be rectified.

For you we stand guard in the depth of the dark web, where the action takes place.

No one is safe

In a fully digitalized world that is impossible to control, no rules prevail. Cyberattacks are more and more frequent and come from anywhere in the world as well as from inside your organization. Key sectors are affected every day: SMEs, large retailers, insurance, hospitals and administrations as well. The consequences of these security breaches are serious reputational and economic damage.
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Are hackers talking about you or your company?

VICI’s teams monitor the number of mentions of your business on the dark web. The more your company name or domain name is cited, the greater the danger of cyberattack.
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Have your employees' email addresses and passwords been comprised?

VICI's teams list and inform you of the various personal data leaks involving your company or your employees. You can then take the necessary measures to have these flaws rectified.
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Do you have connected objects within your company?

Information that passes through printers, cameras or connected watches can end up accessible on the dark web. This gives hackers more entry points to penetrate your computer network. VICI lists the available information from connected objects in order to rectify these flaws.
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