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Icone audit de sécurité informatique

IT security audit


Why carry out a security audit?

Whether internal company risks (malicious acts, espionage, lack of employee awareness, errors and incidents, etc.) or external risks (viruses, intrusions, data theft, phishing, etc.), the security of your information system is essential for the smooth running of your organization.

Our experts conduct a complete audit of your system to determine its overall level of security, and to review the access policy for your data and your network. We list the strong points and especially the vulnerabilities, then draw up a list of recommendations to remove these vulnerabilities and implement protection and security policies adapted to the functioning of your organization.
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Internal security audit

The internal security audit involves placing an auditor directly on your network. Connected as an employee, guest, or anyone with legitimate access to your company's network, our expert attacks services, endpoints, and your other computing resources. This procedure makes it possible to effectively measure the risk in the event of physical compromise of your network, infection of an endpoint or attack by a member of your company (industrial espionage, malicious intent, etc.).
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External security audit

Our experts put themselves in the place of an intruder and try, by all possible means, to break into the desired platform. They try to compromise the system by looking for vulnerabilities in it, the same way a hacker might. They then use these flaws to infiltrate as much of the system as they can, if possible until they obtain sensitive data or take control of your system.
Our analysts document their actions as they go and can then provide you with a detailed report explaining how they managed to find and exploit your internal and external vulnerabilities. This information is accompanied by recommendations for corrective actions to be implemented in order to fill these gaps. We are also available to assist you in implementing the recommended corrective actions.

Of course, our experts do not exploit the flaws they find on your systems outside the context of this intrusion test, and do not keep the data that they could possibly have recovered. All the data collected is returned to you at the same time as the final report, and these two elements, strictly confidential, are only shared between the project stakeholders.
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