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A team of experts at the service of your cybersecurity

« By creating VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence, I wanted to give private individuals and companies that are in the process of developing some of the most advanced means of digital investigation in the world. This will enable them to be informed about their environment, to protect themselves, and to positively influence their market.

In short, I wanted to create the NSA for everyone. »

Daniel Donnet-Monay, CEO

A team of specialists ensures your online security

After having supported individuals and business leaders for more than 20 years with the fiduciary company “At All Global Services SA” (AAGS SA), Daniel Donnet-Monay - Lieutenant-Colonel in the Swiss army - has grasped the current challenges of digitization, online influence, and the vulnerability of information systems.

His military and professional experience naturally led him to found VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence in 2019, a Swiss cyber intelligence agency enabling individuals and companies to benefit from some of the most advanced means of protection, investigation and influence available.

The technological tools as well as the various fields of expertise of the specialists and military members of VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence make it possible to provide a complete analysis and realistic solutions adapted to each problem.

Comprehensive expertise at your service

Computer science

  • Expert in cybersecurity (Federal diploma IT Cybersecurity)
  • Systems and network engineer (Federal diploma)
  • Information system architect
  • Expert in project management assistance
  • Expert in virtualization, mathematics, expert in coding and code review
  • Developer (Federal diploma)
  • Data Mining Analyst
  • Expert in cryptology and encryption
  • Forensic Analyst


  • Lieutenant-Colonel (battalions, Special Forces)
  • High-level military executives (army staff, logistics, leadership)

Business intelligence

  • Information science experts
  • Strategic watch (sectoral, competitive, technological, normative, etc.)
  • OSINT, HUMINT and CYBINT investigations
  • Study of competing networks
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports
  • Competitive analysis, benchmark, and market study
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