VICI Agency

VICI AGENCY is a Switzerland-based private intelligence agency. We collect data from the different Internet layers, in order to inform, to protect and to support our clients’ influence. We offer our services to individual clients as well as to businesses of all sizes.

Our technology and services are tailored to our clients’ needs, and we provide them with high levels of independence, discretion and efficiency.

Our values and mission

The Internet is used daily by individuals as well as businesses to communicate with others around the world.

Promoting one’s presence on the Internet represents a formidable source of opportunities to grow, but it is also a source of many risks and dangers, many of which we are not always aware.

VICI Agency is an intelligence and cyber-protection consultancy.

We use our expertises to help individuals, businesses and organizations.

we provide our clients with the means to stay well-informed, to communicate effectively and to develop a positive influence on the Web. We furthermore help them to stay protected from a number of crises (such as cyber-attacks, reputation damage, cases of fraud, etc… ) and to manage and contain them as soon and as effectively as possible.

Our advantages include:

> Our in-house technology

> Our data is stored and remains in Switzerland

> Our guarantee for utmost professional secrecy

> Pragmatic and practically-orientated solutions

> A high level of reactivity

> High intervention standards that are adapted to a varied and wide array of customers in the whole world

Let us know about your projects and how we can help !