Training and support

Digital performance and security is also achieved through implementing technical solutions.

VICI AGENCY is able to train, support and make recommendations to the executive and technical teams of an organization as well as their collaborators, in addition to helping them adapt to these changes.

> Executive awareness

We offer seminars to executive-level individuals from your company as well as individual coaching on a wide array of themes. VICI AGENCY benefits from many contacts stemming from the military and intelligence circles, which means that we can mobilize the most reputed European experts in a specific domain according to your needs.

> Employee awareness and training

In addition to working with executive teams, we can also train your employees and technical teams in project-oriented seminars, in order to help them adapt to the implemented changes.

> Cybersecurity/security team training

We furthermore train your cybersecurity and security teams to audit the protocols already in application and to ensure their updates and strengthening.

> ISD and ISSM consulting

We train Information System Directors and Information Systems Security Managers in order to appropriately patch and update vulnerabilities in their systems and infrastructure as well as their data protection policies.

> Technical security solutions implementation

Our consultants intervene and assist you in order to designate and choose new technical security systems.

Increasing your IT teams’ capabilities is time-consuming. You already ought to start thinking about your training and support measures.

Let us know about your projects and how we can help !