Monitoring and surveillance services

In our world full of VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, Agility), monitoring your environment has become a vital need, but it requires time, means and expertise. Strategic monitoring services amount to a multi-function and versatile tool, which has its applications in intelligence- and influence-related contexts.

VICI AGENCY will help you define the various parameters for monitoring operations, as well as the appropriate tools, in order to secure your activity and contribute to your innovation efforts..

Strategic and operational monitoring

> Normative and prescriptive monitoring

We periodically review the state and the evolution of prescriptions and norms that apply to your business environment, such as laws, rules and jurisprudence-related matters.

> Technology monitoring

We monitor technology-related matters and how the stakes will impact you and your operations, including matters related to terms of use, risks related to current technology obsolescence, emerging technologies and their level of safety/protection, and observing emerging start-up companies (including factors such as their relationships with universities, their assets, their development, financing, shareholders, etc…).

> Business and economy monitoring

We draw up a picture of the main players of a given economic sector, we follow their strategy as well as their position and its evolution, their financial health, the movements on their balance sheets within a given period and geographic area. VICI AGENCY can also provide more detailed reports on a given company and investigate on very specific questions on demand.

> Political monitoring

We assess a given political environment, its evolution, related news, and we can evaluate the trends within public opinion on a number of themes and topics.


> Surveillance of your own person/company

We observe general opinion on specialized websites and forums related to a given company or individual. We identify the threats to their reputation (such as disinformation, fake news, cases of blackmailing, ransom and extortion, etc) and are able to prepare a case for an amicable settlement or judicial procedure, according to the client’s preferred outcome.

> Surveillance of an individual/a company

We monitor competition on a business level, but also key individuals with executive, administrative, collaborative functions or shareholders from other business structures. We are able to detect signals and clues indicating potential conflicts of interest as well as risks of fraud or misappropriation of funds.

> Key market/product monitoring

We are able to provide assessments on product demographics and behaviour, before statistically measuring the audience according to the key-words associated with these products.

> Keyword monitoring

We are able to provide audience and bidding assessments within a given business sector according to predetermined keywords. We can furthermore observe which new trends appear most prominently in user search terms and which terms are becoming less often used and obsolete.

Stay informed in real time on your target market’s movements and trends.

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