Intelligence and investigations

Good intelligence enhances your decision-making and is the most valuable asset you can have, especially when you are the first to discover key information and to act upon it.

VICI AGENCY operates by collecting information and intelligence that will keep you ahead of your competitors.


> Morality and background checks

Know who you’re dealing with : make your commitments with full knowledge of the facts within regulated contexts (due diligence, M&A due diligence, KYC, compliance checks…) and secure your contractual obligations.

> People investigations

We carry out investigations of many types, including people searches, surveillance and tailing. We are furthermore able to provide your administrative and legal files with information that can make a decisive difference in the context of your litigations, whether you’re on the plaintiff side or defence.

> Financial audits

Before committing to a potential business partner, first make sure of their financial solvability as well as the solidity of their infrastructure (in particular, their cyber and IT infrastructure) and their commercial potential.


> Market intelligence

Getting to know better your market prospects and landscapes prevents you from unnecessarily wasting your time. Our consultants analyze your commercial prospects according to a number of criteria (level of risk, market trends, raw materials market and trends, surveys on long-term and future trends…) to help you better calibrate your investments and to measure the implications.

> Web presence audit

Knowing your level of presence on the Internet is especially valuable before considering online marketing campaigns. Relevant criteria such as your Google Index score, your popularity on social media and similar parameters of online presence and accessibility are effectively surveyed by our analysts in order to provide you with objective information on your current standpoint, so that you can optimally proceed into the near future.

> Full market surveys

Don’t tread without knowing what lies ahead of you. We collect raw and/or structured intelligence on the many aspects of your targeted market, people and commercial structures alike :

> Competitors : Know what to expect, what your competitors’ strong points and weaknesses are, but also how much of a threat they may be to you.

> Clients : Again, don’t commit to a client before knowing who they are. It is oftentimes safer to interrupt business with a client than to find out that they are bad at paying their dues… or worse, that they may attempt to reverse-engineer and copy your own products and your know-how !

> Suppliers : Know who you are about to trust with providing you with your strategic supplies, and gain an objective and global viewpoint on your suppliers.

> Partners : Identify potential allies who are able to positively boost your reputation, to develop new products alongside and to offer solutions to your target market.

> Online marketing campaign support

Are you currently stepping up your online marketing campaign efforts, but you’re not sure how effective they’re proving to be ? Maximize your profit from your leads and track your operation's user experience !

> Lead listings and mappings

Establishing operational commercial listing and maintaining them can be costly, even with the help of a customer relationship management tool. We can implement this service on demand on a global scale and in every activity area. We construct complex flowcharts and generate relationship maps in order to more efficiently target your campaigns.

Staying well-informed through solid intelligence is a worthwhile investment that will reward you with large benefits over time. Tap into the more valuable niches and markets, and gain an advantage before your competitors !

Let us know about your projects and how we can help !