Working on your online influence is a process that will bring you and your organization a large number of benefits. For a business in particular, stimulating and engaging with your online communities has many commercial advantages.

VICI AGENCY is able to help you develop your online visibility :

> Develop your online popularity

Our SEO analysts and consultants are experts in Web indexing and are able to optimize your website’s online referencing ; this will increase your online popularity as well as your online audience and the potential internet traffic. It will also help optimize your advertising and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) budgets.

> Internet de-referencing measures

If being popular and well-known for the right reasons on the Internet is a good thing, the same cannot be said if your online reputation is widely associated with negative elements. Your right to be forgotten online, as well as fighting fake news and disinformation related to you or your organization, are key to restoring your online image. Without taking advantage of our « online image resetting » services, taking action to improve your online image will be counter-productive or ineffective at best.

> Digital re-publishing and re-editing services

Not reacting on time to undermining content and harmful fake news will result in a blow to your online reputation, your business and your online activitiy. We offer online strategic monitoring services and regularly inform you on events that may harm you and your reputation – events that your community management team may not be able to intercept on time or deal with – so that you and your team can defuse and manage them as quickly as possible. Your community management team can therefore focus on increasing and optimising your online audience, while we take care of informing you on your reputation.

> Brand legitimation

Know-how and becoming well-known are two sides of the same coin. Promoting your brand and your products to the right audience and the right online influencers is therefore primordial. However, it is also a complex and costly operation, particularly on a global scale ; our research capabilities help you identify consumer habits and trends, as well as the right audience to target, to reach out to and to engage with.

> Brand protection

Your brand is one of your most important assets and must therefore be continuously monitored and protected against counterfeiting and forgery attempts. Our advanced web research capabilities will alert you of such forms of theft (including intellectual property theft, piracy and counterfeiting efforts), which only a strong and structured intelligence network can reveal.

> Community management

Promoting your brand and products is more and more often done through creating specific online communities as well as managing and engaging with them. These operations are costly and time-consuming, but we are able to help modest-sized businesses reach them and study their options.

> Prospect identification and focusing

Creating potential client lists is one thing, but generating real prospects is an entirely different beast. We can provide the means to better understand your target audience (through digital tracking, user experience, etc…) in order to continuously fuel your sales funnels and improve your sales.

Don’t remain idle ; take action, as online influence is a matter of speed !

Let us know about your projects and how we can help !