World-class cyber intelligence and cyber protection agency for businesses and individuals

Rayons de radar
Portrait de Daniel Donet-Monnay
VICI is the first line of protection for companies, institutions and individuals against cyberattacks. By collecting intelligence from the deepest layers of the dark web to the surface web, we anticipate threats and thwart attacks, protect your data and ensure the smooth running of your business.

VICI stands guard where the action takes place

Hackers now target not only large or small companies but also institutions and private individuals, using often devastating cyberattacks.

Thanks to our unique ability in the industry to operate in the deepest layers of the dark web, to closely monitor the hackers who communicate with each other while preparing their attacks; we are able to recognize the threats that target you, to anticipate and protect you before these attacks occur.

VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence SA is a Swiss cyber intelligence and cyber protection agency that offers you the most advanced means of digital forensics in the world, to preserve your data, your know-how and your market shares.
"If the dark web, the deep web or the surface web is talking about you, you will know it thanks to VICI and have the means to protect yourself."

Our services to protect you

Cyberattack protection radar

Like a sentinel, our Operational Cyberattack Control Center (OCCC) monitors mentions of you or your business from the deepest layers of the dark web to the surface web, detects data leaks, and anticipates cyberattacks that target you to protect you 24 hours a day.

Operational intelligence

Our analysts search the entire Internet, mainly the dark web and the deep web, to collect useful data about your market (competitors, prices, etc.) that will allow you to be very responsive and to take the right decisions for your business. We also operate inside your structure, counter-attacking any entity that has infiltrated due to a hack or human error (counter-intelligence).

Strategic intelligence

Our experts in cyber intelligence and augmented AI collect and cross-reference strategic data that will allow you to define the best policy for your company, and to guide it on the best commercial path in the medium and long term, by anticipating its threats, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities without any limits of language, geographical areas or sovereign borders.

IT security audit

We carry out a complete audit of your company's security and web risks, to give you a detailed overview of potential internal and external flaws, and the reinforcements to be implemented to ensure total protection.

Digital extraction

We collect all data - including deleted data - on devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, photocopiers, drones, etc. that is useful in the context of investigations or legal inquiries.

Cyber threat awareness

Our teams offer you awareness and training sessions on cyber threats, so that you and your employees are better aware of the risks your business faces and the best practices to implement.